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All should contain a copy of all text pages and standard images.

  • Tez's Home Pagewill contain software, Amiga and Modem related FAQs, and High Velocity Visuals
  • Commedia DellArte and Les Theatres des Vampiresfor art and leisure. (or at least that's the intention :)
  • UMTSS FAQ, and "Sisko's" for Trek cuisine! at Megabites
    To be set up...
  • Pierrot Computing Bespoke OpenRoad/ ESQLC/ ABF/ OpenIngres/ Ingres/ UNIX/ WfWg/ Win95/ WinNT/ Word/ Excel/ Web/ Intranet software consultancy...

    Amiga RC5 Team

    Amiga Related Links
    The Amiga Web Directory Aminet UK

    Something important to read...
    Cyberspace Independence Declaration Cyber Rape
    A couple of free WEB services I really love...
    Greetings Cards The Internet Movie Database
    For a bit of harmless fun
    The BOFH Texts A Personality Test
    And finally some eye candy
    Eyecandy1 EyeCandy 1

    Not forgetting (of course) my Hotlist :)

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