A few things I've written over the years, some with help from my chief co-conspirator, best friend and confidence/confidant. Mr Lyndon Roy Sculthorpe. For a couple of local bands first there was

Winchester Moonshine
Lyndon - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Moi - Learning :)
Andy (Kai) - Drums
Zen - Bass/Keyboards/Vocals

And Wing Commander Pig
Lyndon - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Pete - Bass
Tony - Drums
SAS - Vocals

Dies Irae
Fool Injected Dreams
Gemini Dream
Gemini Nightmare
Lost Visions
Past Intension
Play For Today

Dies Irae

Why do we always study war not trust
Always creating new ways to burn
Remember man thou art but dust
And to dust thou shalt return

Here I stand, a lonely poet, on windwept Megiddo hill
Above me the sky is violet, and below the world is still
Where have all the people gone, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Where are all the machines and guns, some broken toys, some frozen with rust

It's a final change of pace
It's the end of the race
Who fired the starting gun
Moscow, Tehran or Washington

We just couldn't learn to live, so many people kept in misery
It was easier to take than give, all around was discord, no harmony
From the skies dreadful weapons hurled, a last burst of unjustifiable rage
We've poisoned all of our world, and brought on the new ice age

A few unlucky people survived, when it came they found a place to hide
But they can't keep the spirit alive, no dreams so they're dying inside
So I'm reciting the last soliloquy, an elegy for the fools and dreamers
Now there ain't no more countries, no religions, no more thin veneer

Dies Irae, the final day
Dies Irae, what can we say
Dies Irae, it's judgement day
Dies Irae, it's time to pay

written Jan 88 in anger

Fool_Injected Dreams

It's six a.m. and I don't know where I'm at
Hot and sweaty, all sexed up with no place to go
I see you with a fresh plaster on your arm
Carefully stepping over the needles stuck in the floor
At just 13 you wre a woman, but you never grew up
You were too stoned when it happened to notice
And since that day you've been killing yourself slowly
Cardiac arrest, rigor mortis, stone cold as ice

Bright lights, big city, those fool injected dreams
Those fights, pig shitty, tearing me at the seams
Long nights, no pity, making my brain scream
Your spite, so witty, and all of your schemes

I remember when you could get high on love
But your soul's been infected by a record needle
You listen to poor sweet Janis crying
Out her mean old blues, you're a rebel
But we had some fun, smoking joints and making love
Was it lust or obsession, I'm not sure
Perhaps it's just my memory of you is no good
One thing I don know, it sure wasn't pure

Just another broken promise, you can't be trusted
But now you've really hit me where it hurts
Setting me up and knocking me back down
Why persecute me who you say means so much

written 3/2/87 - thanks to Jay McInerney and James Robert Baker


In a country where money speaks louder than words
I'm alright (union) Jack, and I just don't care
Home of the right and land of the rich
Don't complain, don't you know life ain't fair
Class War, , divisions growing between rich and poor
Solidarity with the persecuted unions overseas
But democracy in this green and pleasant land
No chance, you're never going to be free

How many millions, just surviving on pence
Scratching out a living to feed their kids
How many billions, spent on "defence"
To deliver death afar to our enemies

GB PLC are you a citizen of this country
Of the land of hope nad glory
GB PLC do you own shares in this country
Where money talks, telling it's own story

Remember the golden age of empire
Pseudo Victorian values, it's just moral hypocrisy
So if you can afford it, do what you want
That's the way justice works in this plutocracy
The government markets itself through the media
A monopoly of the wealthy on freedom of speech
They're selling off all our public rights
In these decayedent years of avarice and greed

written Jun 89 - thanks to the Tory Bastards

Gemini Dream

How can this be wrong, when it seems so right
Images of you go round, round in my mind
Can't say what I'm feeling, but I know what I mean
Fantasy mingles with reality, entwin(n)ed in our Gemini Dream
Wearing that mask of smiles, hanging on a broken chain
But deep down inside, all I think is insane
Hiding away my thoughts, running from your arms
Trying not to get caught, entangled amongst your charms

Memories of your face, your hair, your eyes
The way your body moves, as we dance round and round
Looks like I'm the fool again, a'int no big surprise
Nothing I can do while you've got me spellbound

A gemini dream, a love not meant to be
Like riding a moonbeam , you're love sets me free
You danced into my heart, dance with me through the night
A ritual way to start, but it just felt so right

Just a coincidence of birth, and another feeling of deja vu
You don't want me to get hurt, but goodbye love is long overdue
How did we come to care, it started out just for fun
But life it just ain't fair, when all is said and done
Loving was never so bitter sweet, now you've stolen my soul
If we part never to meet, I'll forever be your ghost
Can't let you see mr cry, so I'm gonna walk away
I'll just drink myself dry, and write down what I want to say

written Nov/Dec 89 for Louie all my love

Gemini Nightmare

What's happening,
Is it deja vu again ? No.
My worst nightmares have become real.
Entrapped in our Gemini Dream.
I scream the words out at you
Face to face
Hard words, bad words, love, hate, anger.
How could you do to this to me !?
Then, smack.
Hand to face.
And again.
You stand, shocked ? Cold !
Your face recedes as I draw closer.
I cannot stop.
Feelings building, hearts breaking.
Hit me !
Please ! You hurt me all other ways.
Smash, my hand drives into our picture.
Tear, paper, glass and blood fall to the floor.
How could I ?
You saw it coming.
Never again can I let this happen.
Unforgiveable, inexcusable.
I wanted to live forever.
I wanted the love that never dies.
I wanted, oh how much I needed.
I love you. Goodbye.

written 6/4/94
I hope this is a new beginning.


Better to love and lose, they say, I only wish that I could
Harlequin at a costume ball, but a joker to them all
A moment of joy, life's just a song and dance, for those born to try and play the blues
Strange girls voice, rising over the rest, though who she sings for, none can guess

Cascading colours, a myriad of dreams
Shimmering sounds, she sings in harmony
Cliched conversations, I voice the silent scream
Hammering heart, though none can see

Homesick blues, it's just a Northern Song, when no-one cares you're all alone
Secret galances across a crowded room, listen to the chords of that famous tune
Mind games playing on the reel to real, spinning heads turning in conversation
Stupid words about silly things, but sweet columbine she still sings

Fair lady, sitting on the floor, I just can't say what I feel
These people see me so wrong, sometimes I think that I don't belong
Crazy thoughts going round my mind, never been this way before
I'm scared, don't know what is true, please Pierrot tell me what to do

My masques are slipping away now, soon you'll be able to see through
But will your gaze linger on, or will you just forget me when I'm gone
I don't need these complications, this discontinuity that they call love
The twinkling that you see in my eyes, is just the tears I cannot cry

written Dec 88 by Lyndon and me
The memory never fades
and The Song will always remain the same

Lost Visions

Sometimes I just want to lay down and die
You know like there's something missing inside
Am I just a figment or am I real
I know I cannot say what I feel
Want something to do, got a need to create
And my spirit is in so much pain
Scared I might be losing the Bard's gift
Riddling with words, work out this logogriph

Words running circles through my mind
But they just don't want to flow
Have I really lost it this time
I have this need to know

Fleeting moment of inspiration, gone again
Sitting here doodling, it's all the same
Listening to a band, trying hard to find a rhyme
Thumbing through the black book, searching for a sign
Looking for some non clicehd imagery
End up sounding like a lost visionary
But at least now I'm coming to the end
Hope I make sense, that someone can understand

written Apr 89 - inspired by a lack of creativity in myself


There is a sky that was always grey
And in a place where there is never day
There is a being whi is never sad
Call her Morphia she'll drive you mad
She's a dragon of lure and dread
Snares the quick in chains to the dead
She's a tiger of fury and lust
The slime alive in the dust

Analysed, reason is raving
Feeling, examined is pain
When you exist for the next hit
Body shakes with the craving
Lige is angusih insane
And Death is not a way out of it

All she brings you is despair
Destroys your life, but she don't care
For her your body and soul you'd sell
Then she'll take you to her hell
On the streets her allies push it
For profit with anything they'll cut it
And when finally you can't afford to buy
They don't want to know, they'll just let you die

You treat your friends so unkind
When all they want is to save your life
You abuse them and run them off
Don't you know it hurts to watch
Do everything they can to sort out the mess
But just end up feeling helpless
When it comes down you're just another addict
And it's only your will power can kick the habit

What's the point of needles in their veins
What vision do they think they'll gain
Might as well use a knife on their wrists
At least that way is more honest
Yeah I know the high it feels so good
Like coming down from making love
But is it worth the price you pay
When you find you've wasted your life away

written summer 87-88
for Jacqui and Aleister Crowley

Past Intension

All tomorrows yesterdays, you'd see them all today
Future dreams in-tense, only just a teardrop away
Time should be no problem, it can only slow you down
It don't matter what you do the clock keeps ticking round and round

money talks, (bullshit walks)
People don't even know your name
Rich girl, stockings, suspenders and curls
A lifetime playing a game

Private scenes of fantasy, a waking dream in time
View eternal nightmare spires, an image burning in your mind
See visions spun from peyote, hear prophets from the past
Inspiration's only moments away, insane sensations that just can't last

What's said all torn and twisted, full of misread portents
Hear the words of your youth, remember past intents
Memories reflecting the future, or is it deja vu
Hear todays echo of tomorrows scream, waken up from yesterdays daydream

written Feb/Jun 87 by Lyndon and me
for Back To The Future and the Prophets

Play For Today

We've all got our little secrets, all put on an air of mystery
We use it to attract and to hide, but all that does is keep us lonely
And none is lonelier than the self-acclaimed loner, none more bitter than the disillusioned romantic
We, who are the sum total of our desires, make observations on others so sycophantic

It's just the play for today
A vision of the times
Spirit of an age disguised
And the parts we play today
Are just the fashion of our design
On the stage of life

Running through this rat-maze of life, oh what becomes of sweet innocence
Did it die, or just flee, when cynicsim became our first defence
Each syllable we spit out so pointed, each phrase we form so biting
Every time we think we're talking, all that we're really doing is fighting

Everything we say is in coded languages, our thoughts we keep deep inside
Got to keep up this communication barricade, and hide our feelings between th elines
'Cos we can never tell the truth, go on treating life like a masquerade
Each of us Mercury, a new face for everyone, scared of getting caught without the facade

We're all so very afraid of intimacy, we never say what we really mean
Each of us has our own emotionless disguise, never letting people know what we really feel
Trying to hide behind a clown's painted on smile, like Harlequin, hoping strangers think you're cool
Pretending to happiness, a modern day Pierrot, but play at love and you act the fool

written late Jan 88
for Pete and Kally for re-opening my creative pathways

Come back soon, work is continuing, I'll be waiting...

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