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Name: Terrance Richard Boyes - tez

Home: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Age: 29

Hair: long

Clothes: loud, or black, or grey

Software: netstuff, VistaPro, Imagine, SASC, VARexx

TM: It's on Aminet

Music: rock of varying descriptions

(link to Newcastle Universities Rock Soc pages to go here)

Books: science fiction/fantasy/fact, horror, various others

TV: ST:any, B5, Red Dwarf, HHGTTG, various sci-fi, Northern Exposure, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, The Prisoner Python, The Young Ones, Yes [Prime] Minister True Romance, Highlander, Alien[s], The Crow, Vampires...

Religion: The Epicurean Church of Life ECL.Net

The Machine the Ghost is in...

pierrot: A4000/060/2+16/4550/CV64/VLABM/Toccata/AmiTCP4demo

Come back soon, work is continuing, I'll be waiting...

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