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*** and some more stuff for v 2.35 *** *** Many recent changes, including the start of a scoring kill/allow system, and all requester functions now available *** Code for which is heavily based on GetMail written by phil@stokes.demon.co.uk.

You may also need RexxDosSupport Library If you code ARexx, you may be interested in Rexx List View Source
The old POP3Tezt is still here as well.

And something new, LaunchTool an ARexx script, with a few support programs that allows access to the different tools that may be linked with any Datatype descriptor, note that it needs Datatypes Library v45.3 to work. And since I use some requesters, both RexxReqTools Library and ReqTools Library are needed (of course you may well have them already). Additionally I recommend AppIcon which is a generic AppIcon tool. And if you don't want to use the included ExaPath (which is a combination of the following two little progs) get these ExecuteHack , FixCLI

An embryonic NewsAndMailListServer, currently it can "gate" mail to and from news

Work has restarted! I'm converting it to ARexx to fit in with other projects, ie POP3GetMail. New version now works with GetMail as well :) A CLI only Format command "protector" for muFS

A selection of software updated from the AmiTCPDis4 Archive

Note that this part of this archive is _vital_ for anyone using sendmail < v.34 with Demon whether they're using AmiTCPDIS or AmigaDIS

Come back soon, work is continuing, I'll be waiting...

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