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Personal Details
Name: Terrance Richard Boyes
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 28/05/66
Address: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Home Telephone/Fax:
Work Telephone/Fax:
Email Address: tez@pierrot.co.uk
Home Page: http://www.pierrot.co.uk


'O' Level Grade Year
Mathematics A 1981
Advanced Mathematics C 1982
Biology C 1982
Chemistry B 1982
English Language B 1982
English Literature C 1982
History C 1982
Latin B 1982
Physics B 1982

'A' Level Grade Year
Further Mathematics B 1984
General Studies B 1984
Mathematics A 1984
Special Paper Merit 1984
Physics C 1984
Further Education Grade Year
Diploma In Computing Pass 1995


Computer Fundamentals, Basic Business Skills Aug 1991
MS-DOS, Wordperfect, Supercalc, Dataease Aug 1991
Ingres Fundamentals Oct 1991
Unix Foundation Nov 1991
Ingres/Ingres ABF Mar 1992
'C' Programming Feb 1992
Quality Awareness Jun 1993
Ingres System Design and Tuning Jun 1993
Unix Advanced Shell Programming Jul 1993
Ingres - Using ESQL & Forms in 'C' Sep 1993
Function Point Counting Jun 1994
Rapid SSADM Jun 1994
Ingres System Administration Mar 1995
Ingres Windows 4GL Jun 1995
SSADM 4.2 Certaification Jan 1997
Using GQL with Ingres Jan 1998
Business Objects Administration Jun 1999


Open University - Computing Diploma

Passed Maths Foundation, Fundamentals of Computing, Probability and Statistics, Mathematics in Computing, Databases and Data Modelling
Studying Software Engineering


pubs, nightclubs, holidays, theatre, films, roleplaying games, music, football (playing)


mainly science fiction, fantasy, fact, some horror and classics


games, graphics, home use, Internet, programming - shell, c, arexx, superbase

At Play

Pierrot Computers : February 1997 -

Bespoke Client/Server RDBMS Analysis, Design and Programming:

Since leaving "the ministry" in 1997 I have set up my own consultancy.

Northern Electric group of companies: August 1997 -

I have been involved in several areas within this large utility business. Initially as a team leader for support and enhancement of CQMS (Contract Quotation and Management System) their bespoke contract application for business tariffs. The work also involved migration of the software from Windows3.11 to WindowsNT4 Workstation and Ingres 6.4 to OpenIngres1.2.

I am currently involved in supporting their NHHDC (Non Half-Hourly Data Collector) application and database. This is a "1998" system responsible for the electricty meter readings for over 1.5 million consumers. The work has involved much migration of data from legacy systems, and much use of UNIX shell and awk as well as SQL.

Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries : February 1997 - July 1997

I was responsible for the design and implementation of the second stage of the WPPR (Working Party on Pesticides and Residues) application. The work firstly involved the aggregation of large amounts of data, followed by the implementation of a client to automate the production of a yearly report (several hundred pages). The report was implemented as a Word master document which incorporated tables of the aggregated data and Excel pie charts summarising the data.

Intended Career Progression

Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Administration, Network Management

Working for the DSS : October 1991 - January 1997

Programmer/Analyst Designer in Information Technology Services Agency (ITSA), an Executive Agency of the Department of Social Security, involved in the development and maintenance of the following Ingres projects:-

Occupational Pensions Board Enhanced Computer System : Software Engineer (Programming/Analyst) : June 1995 - January 1997

After doing W4GL training I have been involved in developing the OPECS system. This is a conversion of an old Cardbox database to Ingres with a Windows front end. I have been involved in designing parts of the new front end, including introducing new "standard" frames and in the actual conversion of the old data into the new format.

Distributed Solutions RMS Support Team : September 1993 - September 1995

My team has been responsible for support of the applications listed below, after release, including problem analysis, actioning any fault reports or change requests referred to us, analysis, design, coding, unit, system and regression testing Ingres programs - using ABF,4GL,RW,ESQLC and Unix Shell.

Other tasks include data conversion from DOS and Supercalc formats for use by Unix/AIX systems and vice versa.

Day to day system administration, backups, adding users to Unix & Ingres, checking file systems, code control, code release, quality assurance, benchmarking, tuning, migration/integration of code from different Unix/Aix machines.

Hardware used IBM "clone" PC`s, ICL DRS 3000/6000, IBM RS6000

Previous Projects : October 1991 - June 1995

Financial Information Systems/Consolidation (FIS/C) : Analyst Programmer : September 1992 - June 1995

FIS/C was developed for Contributions Agency to provide a uniform budgetary control system capable of consolidating financial and workload information, thereby enabling efficiency to be monitored in financial terms. The system has also been taken on by the Child Support Agency and War Pensions (Norcross) for the same purpose.

My responsibilities, as part of a team which varied between 10 and 20 people, was for writing program specifications, coding using Ingres 4GL Version 6.4, SQL, Embedded SQL in 'C', AIX Shell and Ingres Report Writer, unit testing, user support during User Acceptance Testing, Quality Assurance of specifications, code and test plans written by other team members. The system was developed on an IBM rs6000/550 box.

Field Operations Management Information System (FOPMIS) : Analyst/Programmer : May 1992 - September 1995

This project, developed for the Contributions Agency, is a management and financial information system used by 42 DSS offices throughout the UK.

The system was developed using Ingres Version 6.3, later upgraded to Version 6.4 on a Unix platform using an ICL DRS3000 box. As a member of a team of 10, I was involved in coding using Ingres 4GL, Report Writer, SQL and UNIX Shell Programming, unit testing and support during user acceptance testing.

After the system went live I was the first contact for support of the application, and was heavily involved in subsequent enhancements of the system, including assisting the users in drawing up their requirements, analysis, design and impacting the changes, through to the production of an amended functional system specification. All documentation was produced in accordance with the FAMIS/Ingres QMS.

Integrated Training Management System (ITMS) : Programmer : January 1992 - June 1994

This project, developed for ITSA Training, has effectively computerised the recording of training courses (internal and external) and attendees.

ITMS was developed using Ingres Version 6.2 on a UNIX platform using an ICL DRS400 box, running in live on a DRS6000. As part of a team of 3 programmers and 1 team leader, my involvement was with system enhancements coded in Ingres 4GL, as well as using Ingres Report Writer, SQL and UNIX Shell Programming.

Other Work : 1987 - 1991

Junior Programmer - ITSA - Aug 1991 - Oct 1991 - coding and design of a small staff database using Dataease

Computer operator - Walter Willson - June 1990 - Dec 1990 - data input, data validation, purchase ledger, dealing with problem invoices

Computer operator (temporary) - City of Newcastle Upon Tyne - Aug 1989 - Jan 1990 - data input, data validation, purchase ledger, dealing with problem invoices

Computer operator (temporary) - Community Programme- Aug 1988 - Feb 1989 - data input, data validation, running payroll programs, writing reports Dbase

Barman - Pub(1987-1988)

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