Life, Death,
The Universe,
And Everything

and my place in it

Shall we begin...
Hi, I'm still moving in (still :). It's great looking through your old stuff, trying to make everything fit, just so...

But make yourself at home, pull up a sofa, I'll try and find some glasses, the ashtray and slate....

What's New

My Amiga pages Which will include various links, my software and a hardware install disks archive.

UUCP Sendmail 117b7 with Y2K fix

Note that this is _vital_ for anyone using AmigaUUCP sendmail with Demon whether they're using AmiTCPDIS or AmigaDIS. It ensures that all date fields use 4 figure years (CCYY)

and What's not

Version: 1.8
Summary: This FAQ is primarily aimed at Demon customers who need general help on 'Modems & non-Internet comms software discussions

X-Status: No longer maintained

A selection of software updated from the AmiTCPDis4 Archive DIS98-Update

Note that this part of this archive is _vital_ for anyone using sendmail < v.34 with Demon whether they're using AmiTCPDIS or AmigaDIS

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